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Hi. I'm Chloe.

I am a hardworking and reliable individual who specializes in Social Documentary Photography and is fluent in both Welsh and English, with a passion for working with people and the community using colour photography but will I would also use black and white photography if necessary. I am proficient in digital imagery and have experience using medium format and 35mm film. 

Graduating from UWTSD with a masters in Contemporary Dialogues Photography, focusing on specializing specifically within social issues as I am passionate about bringing awareness to issues that are present within today’s society, along with events that are taking place within a social setting.

I first became passionate about photography at the age of 16 after working with a local music magazine documenting bands and concerts that was later published, along with gaining a brief experience working on a film set as a stills photographer, before concentrating more within the documentary practice.

Previous projects include working with a food bank, church, pub, boxing practice and documenting the lives of individual people, ect.

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